Brooklyn Poets Poet of the Week Feature | Interview and Poem "four months after robert smithson..."
Poem "echolalia" forthcoming in Black Flower Press Volume I: The Promise of Spring
Poem "origin story" forthcoming in Footprints: An Anthology of New Eco-Poetry, Broken Sleep Books
Poem "nature poem for the man that followed me home last night" | Hecate, BIRTH Anthology
Poem "small acts of self care at the end of your world"  | Stone of Madness Press, Issue 12
Poem "do u believe in angels?"  | Rejection Lit 

Poem "whately diner poem" | Knight's Library Magazine, First Pub Pop Up series
Essay "Amaranth" | Emulate Literary Magazine
Interview "The Land of Milk and Money - Women in Dairy" for The Female Farmer Project Podcast with Audra Mulkern
Book "The Land of Milk and Money: Lessons Learned and Business Earned from Ohio's Women in Dairy" with Abbe Turner. Airloom Press, Rural Action, USDA-SARE.
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